Theater is only one of the local arts that you can enjoy. The performing arts are one of the most popular of the arts, but there are many other things that you can enjoy, and you don’t need to leave your own community to partake in them. Let’s take a brief look at some of the things that you can enjoy in your own neighborhood and go into a little detail on how to get the most out of these experiences.

Visual Arts

Art shows are some of the most fun experiences out there. Maybe you even will know some of the artists who have their work on display. This happens for a whole bunch of reasons—it could be an assignment for school, to help raise money for a charity or a trip, or the artists may have put their work on display just because they love to create. The end result is that you get to see some beautiful masterpieces, at much less of a cost than going to a museum or professional art show.

Art shows take place at schools, community centers, and other institutions. They can be free to enter, or there might be an entry fee of a few dollars. Either way, art galleries are incredibly fun. Even local school kids often show great skill when it comes to creating and creativity, although knowing the people behind the artwork doesn’t hurt things.


Dance productions come in all shapes and sizes, as you probably could guess on your own. This might be a dance class for four and five year old kids, or it could be a semi-professional local ballet group. There are all shapes and sizes of dance groups, ranging from great, to not as great. You might go to one of these because you have a child involved, or you might go to take in some culture. Any of these are great reasons, and it makes a trip out to the dance studio all the more worth it, especially because you know you are supporting your community.

Local Authors and Poets

No list of the arts would be complete without mentioning the literary arts. Local authors, poets, playwrights, and more often will have readings, either at local schools, coffee shops, bars, or writing centers, to name a few. Readings might be formal events, but most likely they are not. There’s usually no cover charge or tickets needed, either. This is just a way for writers to get their work out there, maybe sell a few copies of a book they’ve written, and connect with their audience.


The theater is a rare spot where all of these forms of art come together. You have set design which incorporates the visual arts, and musicals often have singing and dance within them. Scripts are created by writers, and so on. The theater is a beautiful merging of all of these various types of artwork, and an appreciation of the local theater shows your appreciation for all of these components, too.